I’ve found the source of all your troubles and diseases. The only cause of those is deep breathing, or hyperventilation.
Prof. K.Buteyko

Do you want to become free of medications?
Do you want to restore your body’s harmony, vitality and ability to heal itself?
Do you want your kids to be well for life?

Buteyko Breathing Technique also widely known as Buteyko Method will help you to achieve these goals.
Buteyko Method is a holistic drug-free breathing retraining program. It is scientifically proven, and numerous clinical trials have shown that its application reliably relieves the symptoms of many diseases, eliminating the need for emergency medication, and significantly improves quality of life.Buteyko Method has no side effects and very few contraindications.

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Prof. Buteyko’s theory states that under certain environmental and life-style factors most people chronically breathe too deeply,i.e. insensibly breathe excessive volume of air. Chronic hyperventilation affects every organ, body part and system because it gets in the way of oxygen release to cells and tissues. Compromised respiration can cause, exacerbate and perpetuate symptoms and deficits of all kinds depending mainly on genetic predisposition.

As breathing directly regulates body chemistry, then its normalization leads to the physiological reconstruction of the body resulting in self-cleansing reaction (detoxification) and so in the recovery of an individual. Thus, good respiration gradually reestablished by applying Buteyko Breathing Technique brings about immensely beneficial physical, mental and behavioral changes.

Comprehensive respiratory center – Official representative Walk&Smile in Toronto, Canada


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